If technology was always meant to help us solve our everyday problems, does technology have an answer for the kinds of problems that people have helping their aging parents cope, with a certain degree of independence? People who happen to be senior caregiver to an aging parent have specific expectations of what technology might be able to achieve for them. And in any consumer electronics show every year, high-tech products that help the senior caregiver end up being extremely popular. Jill from leading care provider – ANA Recruitment explains more.

For instance, at several consumer electronics shows this year, organizers found that tech for seniors happened to be such a powerful draw – a particular favorite this year being the intelligent medicine box. When the caregiver cannot be around, a device like this can help an elderly person take care of their own pills with timely reminders.

The market for health monitoring is a booming one, now that aging folk are choosing to live in their own homes for as long as possible rather than move to a nursing home. One particular high-tech product that the senior caregiver can specifically take a lot of comfort in is the emergency response system. Sales of these devices – all of which are able to help an elderly person call for help the moment he falls down – have touched $1 billion this year, 20% up from last year. Devices are available now that use a cellular network to send out to call for help or to transmit ECG data to a doctor. And it’s a booming market. Here are this year’s most popular devices.

One of the most popular devices available today is the senior sensor system. This is a kit you buy, made by companies like Sonamba, that give you a set of sensors for both sound and motion that you place all over the house. When there is movement about the house, the system assumes that the senior is more or less okay. When all seems a little too still, or if there are the wrong kinds of motion, it will send a text message to a family member. Use of the system requires a subscription that runs to $40 a month. The great thing about this product is, is that it requires no intervention from the senior. Given that older people are often uncomfortable with new technology the no-intervention design makes a lot of sense.

Go to any emergency room around the country, and you’re likely to see an older individual who’s had a fall and who needs massive amounts of treatment before they can go back home. Did you ever realize that in a home situation such as we have today where husband and wife have work commitments of their own, seniors may not really have anyone to watch over them? In the event of a fall, they just may not be discovered for hours. Seniors often land in emergency rooms for serious injuries that they never would have sustained if they had been discovered soon after a fall or another accident. That is what the LifeCom PERS is supposed to take care of. It is a device that you have your parent wear somewhere, that counts every step they take. Anything unusual that happens, like an inability to walk after a fall, and the device automatically alerts the senior caregiver responsible.

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